Maine/Québec Number Theory Conference

University of Maine, Orono, 2003
Chip Snyder, UMaine, Principal Organizer

Schedule: Saturday, October 4, 2003

Time Speaker Title
9:30-9:50am REFRESHMENTS
9:50-10 Welcome
10-10:50 Carl Pomerance,
Dartmouth College
Recent Developments in Primality Testing
11-11:50 Farshid Hajir
Fundamental Groups of Number Fields:
A Survey
12-12:20pm Claude Levesque
University of Laval
Some Fundamental Systems of Units
12:30-1:30 LUNCH
1:40-2:30 Curt Meyer
University of Cologne
On Kronecker's Limit Formula for Real
Quadratic Number Fields
2:40-3:30 Roger Wiegand
University of Nebraska
Representation Theory of Orders:
Direct Sum Cancellation
3:30-3:50 BREAK
3:50-4:40 Jonathan Sands
University of Vermont
Popescu's Conjecture & Multiquadratic
Extensions of Number Fields
4:50-5:20 Stephen Zemyan
Penn State, Mont Alto
On the Zeros of the Nth Partial Sums
of the Exponential Series
5:30-6:10 Helen Grundman
Bryn Mawr College
Computing the Arithmetic Genus
of Hilbert Modular Varieties
7:30-- BANQUET

Schedule: Sunday, October 5

Time Speaker Title
9:20-9:40 Jean-Marie deKonnick
University of Laval
The Index of Composition of an Integer
9:50-10:40 Andrew Pollington
Brigham Young University
On the Lower Bound for the One Norm
of the Discrepancy Function
10:50-11:25 David Bradley
University of Maine
Eigenspaces of the Differential Operator


11:35-11:55 Elliot Benjamin
Unity College
On Imaginary Quadratic Fields with C_{k,2}
of Type (4,4)
12:05-12:20 Rebecca Rozario
University of Maine
On the Distribution of the Irreducibles
in a Number Field