Maine/Québec Number Theory Conference

University of Maine, Orono, 2005
Andrew Knightly, UMaine, Principal Organizer

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Time Speaker Title
8:30-8:50am Refreshments, Neville Hall lobby
8:50-9:00 William Bray, Chair
UMaine Math Dept.
Welcoming remarks
9:00-9:50 John Friedlander
University of Toronto
Exceptional characters and the distribution of primes
10:00-10:40 Robert Benedetto
Amherst College
Toward uniform boundedness for polynomial dynamics
10:50-11:20 Jennifer Beineke
Western New England College
Automorphic summation formulae and moments of the Riemann zeta function
11:30-11:50 John Cullinan
Colby College
Properties of torsion points on abelian varieties in dimensions 2 and 3
12:00-1:50 Lunch, The Union on campus
2:00-2:30 Sharon Frechette
Holy Cross
Special values of Gaussian hypergeometric series
2:40-3:10 Andrew Sills
Rutgers University
Rogers-Ramanujan-Slater type identities
3:20-4:10 John Labute
McGill University
p-Extensions of Q with restricted tame ramification
4:20-4:50 Michael Bush
University of Massachusetts
Mild groups and p-extensions with restricted ramification
5:00-5:30 Cristina Ballantine
Holy Cross
GLn(Qp) - From buildings to representations and back
5:40-6:00 Jean-Marie de Koninck
Université Laval
Integers representable as a sum of a power of their prime factors
7:00-- BANQUET: New Moon Cafe, Bangor

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Time Speaker Title
8:30-8:50am Refreshments, Neville Hall lobby
9:00-9:20 Andreas Bender
Korean Institute for Advanced Study
A potential analogue of Schinzel's hypothesis for polynomials with coefficients
9:30-10:20 Solomon Friedberg
Boston College
Multiple Dirichlet series associated to Dynkin diagrams
10:30-10:50 Gary Walsh
University of Ottawa
Primitive integer points on congruent number curves
11:00-11:30 Elliot Benjamin
Unity College
One-dimensional k-Buchsbaum upper bounds
11:40-12:00 Michael Schein
Harvard University
Weights of Galois representations attached to Hilbert modular forms
12:10-12:40 Peter Kleban
UMaine Physics
The Farey fraction spin chain

List of Participants

Cristina Ballantine, Holy Cross
Jennifer Beineke, Western New England College
Andreas Bender, Korean Institute for Advanced Study
Rob Benedetto, Amherst College
Elliot Benjamin, Unity College
Henrik Bresinsky, UMaine
Michael Bush, UMass
David Bradley, UMaine
John Cullinan, Colby
Jean-Marie de Koninck, ULaval
Sharon Frechette, Holy Cross
Solomon Friedberg, Boston College
John Friedlander, University of Toronto
Claude Levesque, ULaval
Kiran Kedlaya, MIT
Peter Kleban, UMaine Physics
Andrew Knightly, UMaine
John Labute, McGill University
Jacques Larochelle (grad), ULaval
Patrick Letendre (grad), ULaval
Ali Ozluk, UMaine
Andrew Pollington, BYU
Erik Pronovost (grad), ULaval
Michael Schein (grad), Harvard
Andrew Sills, Rutgers
Chip Snyder, UMaine
Lee Stemkowski (grad), Dartmouth
Liang Xiao (grad), MIT
Gary Walsh, U. Ottawa