Conférence Québec-Maine Théorie des nombres

Université Laval, Québec
2-3 Octobre, 2010, October 2-3
Building: Pavillon Pouliot

Hugo Chapdelaine, Jean-Marie De Koninck, et Claude Levesque, organisateurs
Full List of Participants


Time Speaker Title Room
8h00-8h30 Café-beignes/Donuts-coffee. 2512
8h30-8h35 Jeam-Marie DE KONINCK
U. Laval
Bienvenue / Welcome 2700
8h35-9h15 Stephen KUDLA
U. Toronto
Arithmetic intersections on Picard modular varieties 2700
9h25-9h45 Chantal DAVID
Concordia U.
Fluctuations in the number of points of smooth plane curves over finite fields and Poonen's geometric sieve 2700
9h55-10h15 Matthew GREENBERG
U. Calgary
p-adic interpolation and p-adic Jacquet-Langlands 2700
10h25-10h45 David ROE
Harvard U.
The local Langlands correspondence for tamely ramified groups 2700
Matilde LALIN
U. Montréal
Higher Mahler mesures and Lehmer's question
11h00-11h20 Erwan BILAND
U. Laval
Blocs de Brauer et construction de caractères à noyau non trivial 2700
Queen's U.
An example of a euclidean ideal 2704
11h30-12h10 Ernst KANI
Queen's U.
Binary theta series and CM modular forms
12h15-14h00 Repas du midi - Lunch time
14h00-14h30 Henri DARMON
McGill U.
The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for Q-curves and Oda's period relations 2700
14h40-15h00 Xevi GUITART
U. Poly. de Catalogne
On the modularity level of modular abelian varieties over number fields 2700
U. Maine
Semi-direct product construction and L-functions 2704
15h10-15h30 Philip FOTH
U. Arizona, CEGEP Champlain St. Lawrence
Iwasawa type decomposition for GL(n) 2700
McGill U.
p-adic Rankin L-series and the Coleman L-invariant 2704
15h40-16h10 Manfred KOLSTER
McMaster U.
On λ-invariants of number fields 2700
16h20-16h50 Eyal GOREN
McGill U.
Recent progress in the theory of complex multiplication 2700
17h00-17h30 Fernando GOUVEA
Colby C.
Emilia's arithmetic 2700
19H45-22H15 Repas au Restaurant Tokyo
415 rue St-Jean (418-522-7571)


Time Speaker Title Room
8h10-8h35 Café-beignes 2512
8h40-9h10 Hershy KISILEVSKY
Concordia U.
Galois extensions with minimal ramification 2700
9h20-9h40 Caroline JUNKINS
U. Ottawa
An analogue of the Gauss class number problem in motivic cohomology 2700
U. Laval
Algebraic integrability of Gelfand-Zeitlin vector field on covering spaces of matrices 2704
9h50-10h10 Andreas MALMENDIER
Colby C.
On mock theta functions and string theory 2700
U. Maine
New percolations crossing formulas and second-order modular forms
10h20-10h40 Ethan SMITH
CRM, Concordia U.
Average Frobenius distribution for elliptic curves defined over number fields 2700
Dartmouth C.
Phi-practical numbers 2704
10h50-11h10 Jonathan WEBSTER
Bates C.
Cubic function fields in characteristic three 2700
McGill U.
Generalized multiplication tables 2704
11h20-11h40 David BRADLEY
U. Maine
A brief q-survey from Abel to Zagier 2700
U. Montréal
Residue classes containing an unexpected number of primes 2704
11h50-12h10 Michael LAU
U. Laval
Galois descent for conformal superalgebras 2700
Dartmouth C.
A smoothed version of the Pólya-Vinogradov inequality and some applications 2704
12h10-12h31 Andrew KNIGHTLY
U. Maine
Simple supercuspidal representations of GL(n) 2700
Invitation to the 2011 Maine-Québec number theory conference
12h31-12h32 Hugo CHAPDELAINE
U. Laval
Au revoir! / Farewell! 2700

List of Participants

Montserrat Alsina, U. P. Catalunya (visiting McGill)
Joseph Arsenault, University of Maine (grad)
Erwan Biland, Université Laval (grad)
David Bradley, University of Maine
Luca Candeloni, McGill University (grad)
Francesc Castella, McGill University (grad)
Hugo Chapdelaine, Université Laval
Amy Cheung, McGill University (grad)
Mark Colarusso, Université Laval
Chantal David, Concordia University
Henri Darmon, McGill University
Jean-Marie De Koninck, Université Laval
Said El Morchid, Université Laval
Andrew Fiori, McGill University (grad)
Daniel Fiorilli, Université de Montréal (grad)
Eyal Goren, McGill University
Fernando Gouvêa, Colby College
Hester Graves, Queen's University
Matthew Greenberg, University of Calgary
Xavier Guitart, U. P. Catalunya
Fritz Hormann, McGill University
Emily Igo, University of Maine (grad)
John Jackson, University of Maine (grad)
Caroline Junkins, University of Ottawa (grad)
Ernst Kani, Queen's University
Hershy Kisilevsky, Concordia University
Peter Kleban, University of Maine
Andrew Knightly, University of Maine
Manfred Kolster, McMaster University
Dimitris Koukoulopoulos, U. de Montréal, CRM
Stephen Kudla, U. Toronto
Matilde Lalin, U. de Montréal
Michael Lau, Université Laval
Patrick Letendre, Université Laval (grad)
Andreas Malmendier, Colby College
Bahare Mirza, McGill University (grad)
Ali Ozluk, University of Maine
Victoria de Quehen, McGill University (grad)
Juan Ignacio Restrepo, McGill University (grad)
David Roe, Harvard University (grad)
Ethan Smith, CRM
Luiz Kazvo Takei, McGill University (grad)
Lola Thompson, Dartmouth College (grad)
Enrique Treviño, Dartmouth College (grad)
Jonathan Webster, Bates College
Micheal Wijaya, Dartmouth College (grad)
Andrew Yang, Dartmouth College
Yu Zhao, McGill University (grad)