Spectral geometry in the clouds
Intergalactic seminar on spectral theory and geometric analysis

Each monday: 9h PDT -- 12h EDT -- 17h GMT -- 18h CET

To attend, please contact one of the organizers:

Alexandre Girouard (Université Laval)
Asma Hassannezhad (University of Bristol)
Jean Lagacé (King's College London)
Laura Monk (University of Bristol)
Laura is currently on maternity leave

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Spring 2024

Winter 2024
January 15

Ram Band
The dry ten Martini problem for Sturmian Schrödinger operators

January 22

Carolyn Gordon
The Steklov spectrum of convex Euclidean polygons

January 29

Vladimir Medvedev
Free boundary minimal surfaces in geodesic balls in the hyperbolic space and the upper half-sphere

February 5

Yevgeny Liokumovich
Parametric geometric inequalities and Weyl law for the volume spectrum

February 12

Grigori Rozenblum
Weyl asymptotics for Poincare-Steklov eigenvalues in a domain with Lipschitz boundary

February 19

James Kennedy
Spectral minimal partitions of metric graphs: what and why?

February 26

Delio Mugnolo
Non-canonical connectivity measures on metric graphs

March 4

Alexander Pushnitski
The spectra of some arithmetical matrices

March 11

Jade Brisson
Steklov eigenvalues in negatively curved manifolds

March 18

Changwei Xiong
A weighted Reilly formula for differential forms and sharp Steklov eigenvalue estimates
Note unusual time: 9h PDT -- 12h EDT -- 16h GMT -- 17h CET

March 25, 27, 29

GEMSTONE mini-course
Extremal problems on hyperbolic surfaces

April 1

New minimal surfaces via equivariant eigenvalue optimization (part I)
Daniel Stern

April 8

New minimal surfaces via equivariant eigenvalue optimization (part II)
Peter McGrath

April 15

Alessio Figalli
Free boundary regularity for the obstacle problem

April 22

Luigi Provenzano
On the critical points of Steklov eigenfunctions

April 29

José Espinar

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