Spectral geometry in the clouds
Intergalactic seminar on spectral theory and geometric analysis

Each monday: 9h PST -- 12h EST -- 17h GMT -- 18h CET

To attend, please contact one of the organizers:

Alexandre Girouard (Université Laval)
Asma Hassannezhad (University of Bristol)
Jean Lagacé (King's College London)
Laura Monk (University of Bristol)
Laura is currently on maternity leave

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Fall 2023
September 11

Cyril Letrouit
Maximal multiplicity of Laplacian eigenvalues in negatively curved surfaces

September 18

Michela Egidi
Complex analysis, thick sets, and spectral inequalities

September 25

Yves Colin de Verdière
On the spectrum of the Poincaré operator in ellipsoids

October 2

Sam Farrington
On the geometric stability of Weyl's law and some applications to asymptotic spectral shape optimisation

October 9

Jonathan Rohleder
Inequalities between Neumann and Dirichlet Laplacian eigenvalues on planar domains

October 16

Antoine Métras

October 23

Wadim Gerner

October 30

Ana Menezes

November 6

GEMSTONE mini-course
Dorin Bucur

November 13

Sara Farinelli

November 20


November 27

Dan Mangoubi

December 4

Matthew Kwan
Exponentially many graphs are determined by their spectrum

December 11


December 18


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