Spectral geometry in the clouds
Intergalactic seminar on spectral theory and differential geometry
To attend, please contact one of the organizers:
Alexandre Girouard (Université Laval) Jean Lagacé (University College London)

Each monday

9h PDT -- 12h EDT -- 17h BST -- 18h CEST

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Most talks are recorded and shared some weeks later on the CRM Youtube Channel.

Fall 2020 calendar
December 14

Marco Marletta
Title TBA

December 7

Simon Larson
Title TBA

November 30

Édouard Oudet
Title TBA

November 23

Peter Sarnak
Title TBA

November 16

Katie Gittins
Upper bounds for Steklov eigenvalues

November 9

Jeffrey Galkowski
Title TBA

November 2

Stefano Decio
Nodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctions near the boundary

October 26

Christiane Tretter   9:00 PDT -- 12:00 EDT -- 16:00 GMT -- 17:00 CET
Spectral problems on star graphs

October 19

Antoine Henrot
Isodiametric inequalities for eigenvalues

October 12

Sugata Mondal   10:30 PDT -- 13:30 EDT -- 18:30 BST -- 19:30 CEST -- 23:00 IST
Hot spots conjecture for polygonal domains

October 5

Richard Laugesen
Two balls maximize the third Neumann eigenvalue in hyperbolic space
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September 28

Jeremy Marzuola
A local test for global extrema in the dispersion relation for periodic graphs

September 21

Davide Buoso
The Bilaplacian with Robin boundary conditions

September 14

Alix Deleporte
Semiclassical analysis of a problem with a circular well

September 7

Jean Lagacé
Measure theoretic methods in spectral shape optimisation

August 31

Gerasim Kokarev
Comparison principles, minimal surfaces, and eigenvalue inequalities

Spring and summer 2020

August 24

Special seminar on the occasion of Dima Jakobson's 50th birthday

August 3 and 4

Mini Conference: Young researchers in spectral geometry

July 27

Julie Rowlett
Same-same but different: Polyakov formulas via microlocal analysis and mathematical physics

July 20

Asma Hassannezhad
Eigenvalue bounds for the mixed Steklov problem

July 13

Panagiotis Polymerakis
Bottom of spectra and coverings

July 6

Rupert Frank
Sharp Weyl Laws in 3d with rough potentials
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June 29

Daniel Stern
Min-max harmonic maps and extremal metrics for Laplacian eigenvalues
Slides Video

June 22

Stefan Steinerberger
Nodal Sets of Eigenfunctions: Progress via Optimal Transport
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June 15

Cristina Trombetti
Sharp Estimates for solutions to Elliptic Equations with Robin boundary conditions

June 8

Peter Humphries
The random wave conjecture and arithmetic quantum chaos
Slides Video

June 1

Xuwen Zhu
Spectral properties of reducible spherical conical metrics

May 25

Iosif Polterovich
Lambdas, bubbles, and spheres
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May 18

Yaiza Canzani
\(L^p\)-norms via geodesic beams.

May 11

Henrik Matthiesen
Asymptotic behaviour of eigenvalues in glueing constructions and new minimal surfaces via shape optimization
Notes Video

May 4

Dorin Bucur
Stable and unstable spectral inequalities

April 27

Emilio Lauret
On the first Laplace eigenvalue of a homogeneous sphere

April 20

Michael Levitin
Inverse Steklov spectral problem for curvilinear polygons