Spectral geometry in the clouds

Spectral geometry in the clouds
Intergalactic seminar on spectral theory and geometric analysis

Each monday: 9h PST -- 12h EST -- 17h BST -- 18h CEST

To attend, please contact one of the organizers:

Alexandre Girouard (Université Laval)
Jean Lagacé (King's College London)
Laura Monk (University of Bristol)

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Winter 2023

Fall 2022
August 29 + 31
September 2

GEMSTONE mini-course
Michael Levitin
The Steklov problem on non-smooth domains

September 5

Egor Shelukhin
Coarse nodal count and topological persistence

September 12

Maxime Ingremeau
How Lagrangian states evolve into random waves

September 19


September 26

Semyon Dyatlov
Ruelle zeta at zero for nearly hyperbolic 3-manifolds

October 3

Bram Petri
How do you efficiently chop a hyperbolic surface in two?

October 10

Mostafa Sabri
Quantum ergodicity for periodic graphs

October 17

Alexei Stepanenko
Computing eigenvalues of the Laplacian on rough domains

October 24

Polyxeni Spilioti
Twisted Ruelle zeta function on locally symmetric spaces, the Fried’s conjecture and further applications

October 31

Anke Pohl
Fractal Weyl bounds

November 7

Clara Lucia Aldana Dominguez
On Quasi-isospectral potentials

November 14

Marco Michetti
Maximization of Neumann eigenvalues under diameter constraint

November 21

Frédéric Naud
Spectrum of random covers of hyperbolic surfaces and GOE/GUE statistics

November 28

María del Mar González Nogueras
Third order boundary eigenvalue problems

December 5

Mickael Nahon
Sharp stability of higher order Dirichlet eigenvalues

December 12

Mikhail Dubashinskiy
Growth and divisor of complexified horocycle eigenfunctions

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