Research in Analysis at Laval University


Research Interests

Our research group is particularly interested in the following subjects.
Research is founded by individual NSERC grants, the Mathematical Analysis Laboratory of the CRM and a Canada research chair in analysis.


Adjunct Professors

Emeritus Professor

Postdoctoral Trainee
Ryan Gibara(D. Kinzebulatov, A Girouard, J. Mashreghi, T. Ransford)
Ph.D. Students
Jade Brisson(A. Girouard)
Mehdi Eddaoudi(A. Girouard)
Kodjo Raphaël Madou(D. Kinzebulatov))
Ettien Yves-Fernand N'da(J. Mashregh)
Maëva Ostermann(T. Ransford)
Pierre-Olivier Parisé(T. Ransford)
Ehsan Pourhadi(J. Mashreghi)
Mahishanka Withanachchi(J. Mashreghi))
Reihaneh Vafadar(D. Kinzebulatov)
Master Degree Students
Samuel Audet-Beaumont(A. Girouard)
Ludovick Bouthat(J. Mashreghi)
Wilson Fotsing(D. Kinzebulatov)
Félix Gélinas-Gascon(A. Girouard)

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