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Advanced courses in analysis

Here is a list of analysis courses offered to master and Ph.D. students. Courses with number in parenthesis are also opened to last year undergraduate students. On the right of each course title there is a short list of terms showing when the course was last given or when it is forecasted to be given again.

Bloc A

These courses are offered every autumn and are mandatory for master students in analysis.

Measure and integration theoryF20, F19, F18, F17, F16, F15, F14, F13, F12, F11, F10, F09, F08, F07, F06
Functionnal analysisF20, F19, F18, F17, F16, F15, F14, F13, F12, F11, F10, F09, F08, F07, F06

Bloc B

These courses are offered at winter on a 3-year cyclic basis.

TopologyW20, W17, W14, W11
Advanced complex analysisW20, W18, W15, W08
Manifolds and differentialW21, W19, W16, W13, W10

Bloc C

Usually, 1 of theses courses is offered at winter.

Riemann surfacesW12, W09
Distribution theoryW18, W14, W10, W07
Operator theoryF19, W17, W13, W08
Harmonic analysis and waveletsW16, W11, W04

Bloc D

These more advanced courses are offered in function of student interest and professor availability.

Advanced probabilitiesW20, W17, W15
Banach Algebras
Hardy spacesW19, F12, W09
Advanced harmonic analysisW07
Potential theoryW06
Analytic number theoryF11, F09, F07, F06, F05
Spectral geometryE21, W15

Bloc E

Optional courses usually offered once a year.

Partial differential equationsF20, W20, F18, F17, F16, F15, F14, F13
Random processesW21, W20, W19, W18, W17, W16

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