Representation Theory Day in Québec City

A Satellite Conference of the Mathematical Congress of the Americas

Université Laval, Saturday, 29 July 2017, 9am-5pm

Plenary speakers

Georgia Benkart (Wisconsin)
Nicolas Libedinsky (Chile)
Daniel Nakano (Georgia)
Vera Serganova (Berkeley)

Titles and Abstracts

Schedule (Vachon building, Room 3840)

All talks will be held in the Alexandre-Vachon building, Room 3840; Coffee will be served in Room 3830.

Titles and Abstracts

9-9:50           Coffee and Registration
10-10:50 Daniel Nakano Tensor Triangular Geometry and Applications
11-11:50 Vera Serganova Finite W-algebras for the Lie Superalgebra Q(n)
12-1:50 Lunch
2-2:50 Nicolas Libedinsky   Recent Developments in Soergel Bimodules
3-3:20 Jie Sun Universal Central Extensions of Twisted Current Algebras
3:30-3:50 Coffee
4-4:50 Georgia Benkart Tracing a Path - From Walks on Quivers to Invariant Theory
and the Representation Theory of Hopf Algebras


Registration will be available the day of the conference, starting at 9am in Room 3830. Registration fees (cash only): $60 for professors, $40 for postdocs, $20 for students.


Participants should book their own accommodation in a local hotel. July is the high season for tourism, so it recommended to book a room as early as possible.

The most convenient and economical housing is in the University Residences, located on campus, 10-minutes' walking time from the conference venue. They are easy to reach by city bus from the Sainte Foy bus station and from the main train station (Gare du Palais).

There are also many very good hotels available in the historic quarter of Québec. Buses (routes 800 or 801, direction: Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy) leave for the university from Place d'Youville on approximately 10 minute frequency on weekends from 6am to 1am. University visitors often stay at the Hôtel Clarendon.

Travel Information

The Representations of Lie Algebras MCA session ends at 5:30pm on Friday, July 28. The satellite conference begins at 9am on Saturday, July 29.
We recommend that participants book tickets either on the 6:25pm train from Montréal Central Train Station to Québec (Gare du Palais), or on the 7pm bus from Montréal Central Bus Station to Québec City (Sainte Foy).
Local participants will be on the 6:25pm train and on the 7pm bus to guide you to the reception desk of the Université Laval residences. As of May 30, the prices (before tax) were $33 (train) and $35 (bus). Both arrive shortly before 10pm at Gare du Palais train station and Sainte Foy bus station, respectively.

The last train of the day leaves for Québec City's Gare du Palais at 6:25pm from Montréal's Central Station. Buses depart approximately once per hour.

To make bus reservations between Montréal and Québec City (The Gare d'autocars de Sainte Foy is the most convenient bus station for travelling to and from Université Laval.)

To make train reservations between Montréal and Québec City (The Gare du Palais is the most convenient train station for travelling to and from Université Laval.)

From the Sainte-Foy bus station, take city bus 800 or 801 directly from the front door of the bus station (buses are on 10 minute frequency until 1am; $3.50 exact change is required). Get off at Université Laval station (10 minutes by bus). The university residence reception is located in the Alphonse-Marie-Parent building , 5 minutes' walk east (direction of bus' travel on the same road as the bus stop).

From the Gare du Palais train station, take city bus 18 or 800 to Université Laval station (20 minutes by bus). (Ask for directions to find the bus stops; the 18 is not frequent; the 800 stop is located 5 minutes' walk from the train station.)

Return flights may be booked from the Québec City Jean Lesage airport or from the Montréal Trudeau airport. Taxi service costs about $25 and takes 15 minutes from Université Laval to the Québec City airport. Buses and trains are available from Québec City to the Montréal airport using the bus and train reservation links above.

Organiser and Local Contact

Michael Lau

Département de mathématiques et de statistique
Université Laval
+1(418)656-2131 ext. 3824