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June 2014    Congratulations to Marie-Ailan Beaulieu who was awarded a master scholarship from FQRNT, to Samir Raouafi who was awarded a postdoctoral scholarship from FRQNT and to Malik Younsi who was awarded a postdoctoral scholarship from NSERC.
Jan. 2014    Javad Mashreghi, Thomas Ransford, Omar El-Fallah and Karim Kellay are the authors of a new book "A Primer on the Dirichlet Space ".
June 2013    Javad Mashreghi, Emmanuel Fricain and William Ross are the organizers of a conference on the 'Invariant Subspaces of the Shift Operator' which will be held at the Centre de recherches mathématiques, Montréal, August 26-30.
May 2013    Congratulations to Anick Lévesque-Gravel who was awarded a NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (master degree).
May 2013    The book Complex Analysis and Potential Theory, edited by André Boivin and Javad Mashreghi, has just been published.

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