This is the webpage for the 2020 Québec-Maine Number Theory Conference. The main webpage of the conference can be found here.

Conference poster by Claude Levesque:


Plenary Speaker

Jean-Michel Bismut (Paris)

Invited Speakers

José Ignacio Burgos Gil (Madrid)
Paul Garrett (Minneapolis)
Kaisa Matomäki (Turku)
Brent Pym (Montreal)


Some slides from the conference

Here is a photo mosaic of some of the participants: Photo mosaic

20 minute prerecorded videos

In order to view the 20 minute prerecorded videos go the conference youtube channel:
2020 Quebec-Maine conference youtube channel


Ambreen Ahmed    poster


  • The registration for this conference is free but mandatory.

  • The registration period is now over.

  • For security reason, when registering you will be asked to supply both an academic email address and the URL of your website. If none of them is available, just provide your regular email and in the field for your website's URL write "not available".
  • Keeping with the usual tradition of the QM-conference, you will be asked if you wish to give a talk, and if so you will be requested to provide a short title and an abstract. Note that the registration form can be revisited at any time 2 weeks prior to the event so these can be updated if needed.
  • Two weeks prior to the conference, an ad hoc scientific committee, consisting of a subset of the organizers, will take care of allocating the various talk requests with the available time slots. Note that a certain number of time slots will be reserved for participants based in Eastern Canada and in New England. Since there is only a limited number of 20 minute time slots, please accept our apologies if your request is denied.
  • In order to partly compensate for the efforts that some of you may put in preparing a talk, we shall offer the possibility of posting a 20 minute recorded video and/or a poster on the topic you had wished to talk about.
  • For registration click on the following red link:    


  • For people who have registered, a few days before the beginning of conference, you will receive by email the Zoom links and passwords that will allow you to participate.
  • Practical information

  • The whole conference will take place on Zoom. To facilitate participation by people in multiple time zones, all lectures will be given between 9:00 and 17:30, Quebec city time, both on Saturday and Sunday.
  • We ask all participants to respect the following code of conduct:
    1. To the extent possible, save your questions for the end of the talk. Only if you feel it is essential to clarify a point during the talk, raise your hand and wait for permission from the Chair.
    2. There will be an unmoderated open chat and your good behavior is expected.
    3. The Chair for the session will provide permission to ask questions (again, preferably, at the end of the talk) by noting that a participant has raised its hand.
  • Organizers

    Hugo Chapdelaine
    Jean-Marie De Koninck
    Antonio Lei
    Claude Lévesque