Jean-Michel Bismut - Riemann-Roch and the trace formula PDF
Jose I. Burgos - The hybrid topology: A bridge between quantum field theory and string theory PDF
Jack Buttcane - Bessel functions outside GL2. PDF
Martin Cech - Double character sum and double Dirichlet series PDF
Julie Desjardins - Density of rational points on del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1 PDF
Paul Garrett - Distributions, Differential Equations, and Zeros... PDF
Jon Grantham - Extremely Pointless Curves PDF
Lennart Gehrmann - Gelfand’s trick for the spherical derived Hecke algebra PDF
Thomas Hulse - The non-vanishing spectrum of arithmetic progressions of squares PDF
Ilhan Ikeda - On the automorphic Langlands group PDF
Neeraj Kumar Paul - On Vajda’s and Vajda-like identities via generalized Fibonacci and Lucas numbers PPSX
Debanjana Kundu - Control Theorems for Fine Selmer Groups PDF
Matilde Lalin - Nonvanishing for cubic L-functions PDF
David Lilienfeld - Geometric Quadratic Chabauty over Number Fields PDF
Yongxiao Lin - Averages of coefficients of GL3xGL2 L-functions PDF
Adam Logan - Explicit coverings of K3 surfaces by the square of a curve PDF
Sacha Mangerel - Monotone Chains of Fourier Coefficients of Hecke Cusp Forms PDF
Kaisa Matomäki - Multiplicative functions in short intervals revisited PDF
Ramon Nunes - Spectral Reciprocity via Integral representations PDF
Elena Kim and Fernando Trejos Suárez - Tinkering with Lattices: A New Take on the Erdős Distance Problem PDF
Grant Molnar - Formal Summation of Divergent Series PDF
Gautier Ponsinet - Universal norms of p-adic Galois representations and the Fargues-Fontaine curve PDF
Brent Pym - Multiple zeta values in deformation quantization PDF
James Rickards - Computing with (indefinite) quadratic forms and quaternion algebras in PARI-GP PDF
Andrew Schultz - Galois module structure of square power classes in biquadratic extensions PDF